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Tsarpalas Enterprises, Inc. -

Commercial/Industrial Services

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Tsarpalas Enterprises, Inc. provides services to commercial, industrial and government organizations.

We have trained, experienced personnel and specialized equipment to do the job right. 

Our industrial and commercial services include: 

  • Removal of underground storage tanks - heating oil,    waste oil, gasoline and diesel
  • Removal of tanks located in the basement
  • Removal of tanks in the basement behind brick walls with sand around tank
  • Removal of chemical tanks - underground and aboveground
  • Removal of aboveground tanks
  • Abandonment of underground storage tanks - heating oil, waste oil, gasoline and diesel
  • Pumping and disposal of liquid in tanks
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Tank Destruction
  • Soil Remediation
  • On-Site Stabilization or Treatment of Contamination
  • Transport and Disposal of Contamination
  • Loading, Transportation and Disposal of Drummed Waste
  • Clean up environmental debris left on properties
  • Removal of underground, hydraulic car lifts
  • Site Restoration